God’s law is nothing like man’s law.

Man’s law is the product of a fallen and corrupt race. Man’s law only restricts, encumber, punishes, and is corrupted, twisted, and enslaved by its own bureaucracy. It is cold, impersonal, and powerless because it cannot change the heart and soul of a man or woman. Man’s law cannot save.

God’s law is living and sharper than a double edged sword that has the power to lay a person open to the truth about himself.  It exposes us to ourselves then teaches us how to be right and good and true.  It is the product of his almighty power and wisdom. God is our only Savior and his will is our only salvation.

Read Psalm 78:10

The psalmist is warning the people of God of the destruction that arises when each generation fails to teach the rising generation to trust God — to trust who God is, what he does, his will and his power, and to trust his law. Yet, we must also teach them the great blessings of following God’s law and encourage them to live in God’s way.

In the way of God’s law, you will find an inner peace that calms the soul like no other and a joy that lifts the soul to the greatest heights of goodness and righteousness and truth. In the way of God’s law, you will find the strength and will to take the next step and keep on going. In the way of God’s law, you will find the deepest comfort of knowing you are living in a way that will give only goodness, hope, love, and the right direction — and correction — to every life you touch.

Walk in God’s law and you will not go wrong!


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