It is a dangerous path for our nation and her people that our culture has taken an intolerant stance against religious liberty, reasonable faith, and moral soundness. If this way is not turned and rejected, God’s people will become the aliens in our own land.

God has told us from the beginning that anyone who seeks an intimate relationship with him will become an exile in this world. This is the nature of our relationship with God. Were you ever not liked by others because you befriended someone they did not like? So, God teaches us to devote ourselves to our desire for Him and give that relationship everything it takes, and to keep our eyes open to anything that would move against God and pry us from our desire for him and our commitment to him. Then we take up the life of love because that is how we live and express our desire for God.

We hold dear to all of our liberties the right of public dissent, to openly question an idea, thought, or position contrary to one’s own. We must have the courage to “rage against” the spirit that would seek to suppress the liberty of any group or individual.  With God, we will stand on his eternal truth. We will reject any stance not found in His truth. We will not refuse your liberty to speak and practice and we will claim that same liberty to speak and practice.

We hold dear our love for God and our faith to follow Jesus Christ. We may be hated and rejected; despised and ridiculed; isolated and cast out; oppressed and persecuted; attacked and abused. We will become exiles for our intimacy with God. We will not be afraid to engage the public arena for the liberty to live without fear of oppression. We will engage the public arena for the opportunity to show you the life lived by a desire for God.

Now, because of our intimacy with God, we will reject sin and anything that will come between us and God. We will also refuse this intolerant spirit that is taking hold of our nation. Liberty demands the tolerance of everyone’s right to believe, live a moral life, and worship his God. True tolerance demands the right to reject another’s belief, definition of morality, and the God he chooses to worship. Intimacy with God will teach and train us to do this in the spirit of humble faith but bold love.

Remember this. We do need religious liberty to speak and practice our faith, morality, and worship without oppression . We do not need religious liberty to be intimate with God and have fellowship with him. This fellowship with God is a spiritual relationship. No matter what any group or culture would do to us, there is no law of man and no force of man that can take that away from us.

John 15:18-26. 1 Corinthians 16:13-14.


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