I am an armchair philosopher and theologian. I am an armchair sports analyst and political analyst.  I am an armchair sociologist.

I am not an armchair person.  I live my life fully engaged with other people. I live my life fully engaged in a higher purpose than what can be known by our material senses.  I have an identity that defines me and I am devoted to that identity.  So, I live my life desiring something that is greater and higher than anything this life itself can give me.

You see, I am not an armchair Christian.  It is the higher calling, the higher purpose, for which I live. Being a Christian is what identifies and defines me.  Christianity is from God through Jesus Christ.  You desire God and not this world. You follow Christ and his path of righteousness not this world and its way of selfishness, lust, and pride. You walk by the Holy Spirit of  God and not the defiled spirit of this world.

Do We live it perfectly? No. We are flawed by sin. We are devoted to God and to Christ. Yet, we do not always get it right.  Still, God is faithful forever and he blesses you everyday with his love.

And that is why I am writing these words. I have been thinking a lot more these days about my life.  It brought me back to something I had written a few years ago.

The following is a tribute I wrote to those people who are the most important to my life, the most important to me.

My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has made my life right and good for he has blessed me with five great loves. His righteous love makes my heart pure and wise. My lovely wife Angela’s faithful love makes my heart humble and strong. My precious daughter Christy’s trusting love makes my heart tender and complete. My son-in-law Nathan’s love has enriched my heart with the joy of friendship. My sweet granddaughter Kaitlyn’s love makes my heart young and tender again.

If I loose everything and had to start over with only God and my family, I still will be the most blessed person on all the earth.

God is always faithful and you can always trust him.  As you worship and serve him, as you follow Jesus Christ to obey Him, God will enrich your life from the riches of Heaven. He will strengthen your spirit to live your life no matter what is in your path. He will teach you his wisdom and judgement to discern truth and practice.  His mercy is everlasting, judgement is righteous, and compassion is endless. So, he will send into your life those people who will bless you.   Cherish his blessings.


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