All peoples everywhere are connected across all points of differences by our common ground, what many call our common humanity. Not saying that all beliefs, backgrounds, and experiences are equal. Certainly they are not. The point is that though we appear to be different from one another on the the surface, our inner selves truly have many things in common.

     We share the same human flaws and strengths, the same human fears and hopes. We all need encouragement, comfort, sympathy, compassion, and fellowship. We all want to be loved and belong. We all need redemption. We all are created in the image of God and we all are given the desire to seek Him. This common ground is the basis for our unity, harmony, and peace.

      Jesus Christ teaches us to treat one another’s common ground — “interests” — at least, as equal with our own. He does not teach us to over look the differences. He teaches us recognize the greater value of our common interests. He then demonstrated by his life how we do that. He left his exalted place on high, humbled himself before his creation, and gave himself to be the sacrifice for our salvation. The Son of God became a servant.

     There is unity in common ground in spite of differences. When we focus on the differences, we cannot see, do not see, or simply ignore the common ground and the unity, harmony, and peace will go away. When we build on what makes us different, we become divided. Yet, when we build on our common ground, we become one. That is what God designed his Son’s church to do. When we do that, we do not become politically correct. When we do that, we become the beacon of divine love living among men.

Philippians 2. Matthew 22:34-40.


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