Growing up, I would go to the used book store and traded for comic books to read. The comic book heroes I grew up with are very popular today. My favorite comic book hero was Captain America. 

Yet, a boy must put away childish things to become a man. My heroes became the real servants of God we are told about in his Holy Scriptures.  They  were human just as you and I; but they all had a common truth, a common thread that elevated them above all else. By their love for God in devotion to him and faith in God to trust him and obey his will, he gave them  the wisdom and strength to live their lives. It is the power to stand and live in the only way that is right and good and true. It is the power to stand and live in the only way that gives life its fullest meaning and purpose. It is the power of God’s love in Jesus Christ.

 God’s love is eternal. Its power is forever. His love in you is the unfailing strength of his son Jesus Christ, our precious Lord and Savior.

 The strength of God’s eternal love is his almighty sovereignty. Living in Christ you will live by that power. There is nothing in your life that can overpower him. He cannot be stopped. His love is with you no matter what happens. The power of his eternal love is his full righteousness. He will never mistreat you, hurt you or lead you wrong. He will never betray you or turn his back on you. He will never sin. The power of his eternal love is his faithful devotion. He will never fail you or desert you. His is fearful of nothing and is intimidated by nothing.  

 You can trust him with your whole life. There is nothing that man can do or hell can bring, there is nothing in life or death, that will keep him from you or turn him away from. We will walk with him through anything until he returns to take us home.

“Till he returns or calls me home, here in the power of Christ I’ll stand.”

Romans 8:31-39


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